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Frozen Heart (6/6)

Title: Frozen Heart
Author: countingcr0ws
Pairing/ Characters: Yunjae
Rating: PG
Form: Chaptered ( 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 )
Summary: Prince Jaejoong has a frozen heart from a curse when he was young, and Prince Yunho itches for to explore beyond his kingdom.
Also known as the one where Jaejoong has fairies or the one where Yunho has a talking horse.

“Jaejoong?” Yunho called out as he tread on the plush carpet, conscious of the cold in the vast room. No shadow was thrown against the walls and he wouldn’t have thought the other to be in the library had a servant had not mentioned so. Calling out once more as he neared the philosophy section that his friend so favoured, the prince’s ears pricked at the faint thump of a book.

"You frightened me!" The boy scolded when Yunho emerged from the corner. With a book in hand, Jaejoong was crouching under the table with a deep pout. Crawling out, the boy yelped when his head connected with the unyielding surface, crumpling back onto the ground as he began to rub on the sore spot with a whine. Rushing forward, Yunho held his friend’s arm as he helped him out carefully.

“Are you alright?” The younger boy asked carefully while his friend continued to whine incoherently about the injustice and creeping people.

“I’m fine,” Jaejoong managed reluctantly after moments as his companion helped to pick the book that had fallen onto the ground once more. “I was asleep and you frightened me awake,” the prince explained with his faithful pout while Yunho gave the boy a rueful smile.

“So where have you been all morning?” The boy queried as Yunho inspected the bruise apologetically, mumbling about the swell when the boy shook him off as he moved quickly to return his book. “I’ve been looking for you for hours and I thought you under the snow,” Jaejoong persisted as he looked at his friend gravely. “My thoughts have been scaring me, and I’m glad that you’re here,” he continued with a shake of his head as he reached for his companion’s wrist.

As the other’s chilly fingers circled his hand, Yunho looked carefully at the weary, vulnerable expression on his friend’s face, surprised by the dark circles around the boy’s eyes. Surely that had not happened within the few hours of his absence? "Are you okay?" He asked tentatively, his voice hoarse with concern, conscious of the press of his dagger against his hip.

"No..." Jaejoong shook his head slowly, as if breaking out from a spell as he looked up from the carpet, his bottom lip red and wet from his ministrations. "No, I'm not. I woke up funny and I missed you," he repeated, combing his hair backwards before pulling his friend along stubbornly. “I thought seeing you would make it better but it’s just,” he sighed as he pulled his sluggish friend along, out of the library.

Yunho didn't know how to reply, conscious of his friend’s stiff movements. “Is your head hurting?” He asked as they sailed past the botany section.

“No!” Jaejoong turned around quickly, sighing heavily before massaging his brow. Eyes darting around the book stacks, the prince continued to worry his lips before parting them. “You can’t talk about my head hurting in the winter,” he confided, his eyes wary. “And it doesn’t hurt, really,” he assured when his companion’s frown only deepened.
“It’s just my thoughts, I can’t stop making up these awful scenarios, wondering where you are and all those flighty thoughts,” he waved his hand carelessly as his hand returned to pull his friend along.

Seeing the opportunity, Yunho dug his heels into the carpet, his heart speeding up when Jaejoong turned to look at him in curiosity. "Back home, we do this," he moved his hand quickly to hold Jaejoong’s, pushing back the other’s sleeve carelessly as he drew his dagger, eyes steady on Jaejoong’s questioning ones. The prince didn’t move, hand subdued, pulse steady in the other’s mounting fright.

Steeling himself as he commanded himself to finish his task, Yunho brought his dagger down to draw a line down the prince’s forearm. Sharp edge splitting fair skin, blood surfaced instantaneously to flood the line with purple as Yunho gasped in shock, finally snapping out from the haze of urgency to conduct his initial plan. Why was the gash so long? He questioned as he desperately tried to staunch the blood clumsily with his sleeves, fretting when more surfaced instead.

Had there really been no other way? He berated himself as he tried to mop the wound with his other hand, only for it to be wrenched out of his grip forcefully. Watching the older boy inspect the purple blood that contrasted heavily with his pale skin as it soaked his robes, trickling down to the carpet in heavy drops.

Rooted, Yunho felt his desperate apologies sink with the weight of his self-disgust as tears began to well at the bottom of Jaejoong's eyes. "Jae.... I..." his incompetent hands reached for the other as the dagger dropped dully onto the space between them. "I..." he tried desperately once more only for nothing to come out in the knowledge that nothing could ever justify what he had done, of the wound he had carelessly inflicted to satisfy his perverse curiosity.

“Please,” he begged shamelessly, his heart breaking when the boy finally looked away from his wound to glare unflinchingly at him with unmasked hurt and contempt.

"I trusted you," Jaejoong said in a whisper, his voice thick as pearls of tears began to roll down his cheeks from the corner of his eyes.

"I trusted you!" The boy yelled, shoulders shaking in fury as Yunho stood rooted, eyes warm, hands feeble as he looked despairingly at his friend. "You're but a traitor, Yunho,” the boy choked out between his tears, shaking his head as he stepped backwards slowly. “And I am but a fool,” he spat, knocking Yunho’s hands away as he turned around quickly before fleeing the library.

Falling onto the floor as his knees gave way, the dams broke at his guilt and self-disgust as the other's contemptuous expression surfaced in his mind in the consciousness that he had personally sabotaged an irreplaceable relationship. But however fast the prince’s tears fell, it wasn’t enough to obliterate the bright red stain his friend had left on his sleeve when he knocked his hands away.

- - - - -

Nibbling his breakfast in bed after a night of fitful sleep plagued with himself committing physical transgressions with varying atrocity on Jaejoong, Yunho made his mind up to apologize to the other with no regard for his dignity.

Staring at the row of guards stationed along the corridor leading to Jaejoong's room, the prince’s mouth fell open when the bulky men moved to face the entryway at the sight of him.

"I've got business over here," he explained haughtily when the guards drew their poleaxe to bar his way.

"I apologize, your highness," one of the guards replied gruffly without sparing him a glance, "but the place is barred from entry."

"My entry? Or entry in general?" Yunho asked authoritatively with a furious fold of his arms when the stocky man failed to reply. Catching a look of pity from the adjacent guard, the boy bit his lips furiously, turning around to leave, refusing to make their jobs difficult.

Wandering about the castle sulkily, Yunho shifted the portraits vindictively, revelling in their odd angles before rounding back to return to restore them when he suddenly remembered the balcony he had previously employed.

Breaking into a run, Yunho dashed for his last hope.


Jaejoong was ingenious, Yunho admitted miles away from his intended destination as he laughed to himself from his cover behind the bush. Jaejoong was also incredibly revengeful, he conceded, grudgingly proud of how the other had stood up for himself, weeding out the toxic people in his life.

Pulling his cloak closer as he ignored the chill that was cutting into his exposed skin; Yunho ducked his head before returning indoors.

- - - - -

Sitting on the seat Jaejoong had occupied the day before, Yunho dipped his quill into the ink pot as he continued to scratch feverishly.

'I know I don't deserve it because I am the most selfish, and the thickest fool that has ever lived, and I should be counting my blessings if I even manage to get this to you, but I really need you to hear me out...' he wrote furiously when he heard a book falling to a soft gasp.

Shooting out of his seat immediately, he caught sight of a figure ducking behind the shelf. "Jaejoong?" He called out hopefully as he began to walk towards the stacks. "Jaejoong?" He repeated, biting his bottom lip at the silence when the figure revealed itself suddenly.

"Uh, it's me," Jaejoong’s seventh sister emerged with an embarrassed smile as Yunho felt himself slump in disappointment.

"What are you doing here, your highness?" He tried his best to keep the bitter edge out of his voice as he returned to his table with a sigh.

"Thought you might desire some company," she replied with a nervous laughter as Yunho rolled his parchment up. He was utterly occupied, but it would leave Jaejoong’s sister in an awkward position if he dismissed her.
"I would appreciate your company indeed," he replied politely, the corner of his lips wavering weakly when the princess flushed.

- -

"Who’s that intended for?" Jaejoong's sixth sister asked much later as she pointed to the forgotten roll of parchment on the table.

“My father,” Yunho replied as he quickly blocked the parchment from the youngest sister’s hand, immensely regretting his acceptance of company in light that it had quickly expanded to the include all of the prince’s unmarried sisters.

"It's too long though..." the sister who had first intruded wondered aloud. “The pigeon would be tired,” she continued with a frown before reaching for the letter. “Let me edit it for you,” she offered brightly as Yunho swiped his apology off the table quickly.

"I appreciate your assistance but I would prefer to attend to it on my own," he mumbled as he slot the parchment between his legs, conscious of the smiles on the faces of his audience.

"We could post it for you though," the youngest offered as the others tittered behind their hands.

"It's fine, your highness. I'll do it personally later when it's done," Yunho declined lightly, simultaneously grateful that Jaejoong had spared him off their company previously while in awe of the boy’s ability to maintain his sanity throughout his childhood.

"It's not done?" The eldest among the three exclaimed as she exchanged furtive glances with her sisters.

"You're actually trying to send it on your own?" The second eldest asked almost simultaneously as Yunho suppressed the urge to draw his sword.

- -

It was long after midnight that he finally completed his convoluted letter comprising of his apology, confession and life-plans after a tutor had rescued him from the princesses. Rereading the longest essay that he had ever written, the prince retraced the smudges created by his tears before rolling the parchment up carefully.  Seeing no movement along the corridor, the boy ran for the prince’s quarters as he sent a quick prayer for success.


The passageway to Jaejoong’s room was empty as predicted, having anticipated that Jaejoong would not have subjected his guards to extra duty without a legitimate threat.

"What are you doing in this area?"

Yunho jumped at the voice as he spun around quickly in hopefulness. "I was finding you!" He explained breathlessly, taking in the other's features hungrily as he noticed the way Jaejoong pulled his left sleeve lower when their eyes met.

"Are you okay? You don't look too good," Yunho took a bold step forward when the other continued to appraise him without moving.

"Priceless coming from you. You look positively battered," the boy replied coolly, face devoid of expression as he stood squarely, tilting his chin further as if daring Yunho to take another step towards himself.

Yunho nodded morosely before fumbling for his belt. Producing the apology quickly, he held it out towards the other as he tried to gather his words. However did Jaejoong manage to look so detached? "I wrote-" he fell silent as the prince’s hand came up.

"Was it intentional, Yunho?" Jaejoong asked as he shook his sleeve lightly to reveal the length of bandage down his forearm. "Did you plan this?" The prince motioned towards the injury carelessly with his chin.

Yunho felt his eyes begin to sting as his shoulders fell. He retracted his apology in shame as he nodded stiffly.

Jaejoong regarded him coldly with a derisive huff. "When I was younger, we used to have a nanny who would take us to the gardens to play," he began serenely. "Her favourite flower were roses and I remember presenting a stalk to her one day," a wan smile painted the prince’s lips as he related his story.

"I hadn't noticed that I was bleeding then, and hers was the first of many reminders I would receive throughout my life for my abnormality."
Yunho could only stare at the other in disbelief.

"She gave me many things, Yunho. Of which included an aversion for roses, that on hindsight, has not diminished," he smiled softly as Yunho tasted the burst of copper on his tongue.

"I thought you capable of seeing past my flaws but I’ve learnt that I’ve been but entertainment. And a fool I shall no longer be," he said with scorn before shifting his weight. “This shall be our last meeting, Yunho, and I appeal upon your questionable decency to respect my desire to no longer associate with you.” The boy finished calmly before excusing himself with an airy goodnight.

Moving aside for the other to pass, Yunho stood dumbly in the corridor for moments before finally regaining his wits to make himself scarce. Staggering blindly back towards his room, Yunho grudgingly admired what bitterness did to the prince. At least nobody would be able to take advantage of him, he laughed coldly, chest heaving as he sobbed to himself while his feeble legs continued to move.

- - -

Making up his mind, Yunho had informed the king about his departure.

No, there was unfortunately nothing that could make him stay, and yes, he had grown attached to him and the land and yes, he would visit again.
When was he leaving? After the winter spell was lifted, he replied easily, and the other had simply nodded with palpable disappointment before giving him a warm hug and telling him that his father had done a fine job.

Yunho only smiled awkwardly without reply, selfishly thankful of Jaejoong’s omission of his part in his son’s terrible cut.


"Admit yourself," he called out from his position on the bed lazily, his eyes not leaving the page of the medicinal book he had borrowed from the library.

Making a noncommittal noise from the back of his throat at the sight of a nervous Junsu, the prince continued to peruse his text as he brushed away the unreasonable disappointment at the back of his mind. "Go on," he urged impatiently as the servant continued to look at him while clutching the sack in his hands without speaking.

The prince cut the other off as he slid the book across the duvet quickly. "Would you have this?" He asked as he tapped on the picture of a five-tipped leaf illustrated on the page.

The servant merely frowned at the picture. “I’ve never been good with the herbs, your highness. Do you require it urgently?” he worried as Yunho waved his concern away.

"Only wondering.” The prince clarified. “We have it at home, for wheezing coughs," he explained before shutting the book loudly.
"How may I be of assistance though," the boy asked as he cocked his head sideways.

"I heard you were returning," the servant began finally as the prince collapsed onto the bed with a sigh.

"News really does travel fast, huh?" He commented tiredly as he looked at the high ceiling "I just..." he wiped his messy hair out of his face, "I'm just tired, Junsu. I’ve done enough silly things for a while and I really miss home, and the people…" Yunho sighed as he thought about his guardian. Prometheus was company alright, but a very frustrating one that resided in the stall while confining his speech to riddles.

"But travelling has been an experience though," the prince continued aloud before turning to look at the servant. "Probably the other way down next time though," he decided as he heaved himself up quickly with a sigh before motioning for the other to continue.

Junsu scrambled awkwardly as if collecting himself before holding the sack out. "His Majesty remembers your sleeping on the ground while travelling, and he insists on gifting you this modest parting gift," he bowed deeply as he offered the lumpy sack.

Hesitating before taking it over for examination, the prince extracted the gauzy roll of fabric held within.

"It's a warm blanket, your highness. His Majesty had it created for his fondness of camping in the wilderness. It’s waterproof and filled with goose down for warmth."

Oh, Yunho returned the length into the bag setting it onto his bed as he considered producing the same when he returned. Jaejoong’s kingdom had an unusual emphasis on innovations that he should likewise encourage back in his.

"Thank you, Junsu. Please help to convey my gratitude to his Majesty." Yunho said as the servant bowed before retreating.

"Just so you know, your highness. I'll miss you when you're gone," the younger boy rushed out, his face pink as he stood in front of the door.
Laughing softly at the servant’s words, Yunho managed a thanks as the boy let himself out of the room.

"Junsu," he called out suddenly as the boy peeked through the ajar door. "Can you take care of Jaejoong for me when I'm gone? I haven't done a very good job... and I'm not getting another chance to," he beseeched, eyes soft with resignation as the servant boy smiled slowly with a nod.

"I will, your highness." The boy bowed a last time, pulling the door close as Yunho fell back onto the bed in restlessness. Change was happening quickly for the kingdom, and that was good, right? He asked himself, only to shift uncomfortably at the question.

- - - - -

The cold in the morning rattled his bones, making Yunho want to return to his covers but the prospect of a blazing sun made the prince ready himself for the ceremony, albeit reluctantly.

Bowing before the king and queen as the chatter swelled in the great hall, Yunho hurriedly took his seat beside the queen as his heart flip-flopped madly at the sight of an immaculately dressed Jaejoong. The other boy was looking at the crowd of commoners with a radiant countenance that made Yunho duck his head in shame as he wished for the kingdom's elusive fairy consuls to quickly lift the winter spell in the wake of Jaejoong’s recovery from the curse.

Sitting a little straighter as the distant bell chimed eleven times, Yunho shielded his eyes quickly when a rainbow of colours suddenly burst forth in the middle of the great hall. Tickled by the dramatic entrance as the murmurs among the crowd swelled, the prince sniggered to himself, sobering with a strangled noise when the turquoise fairy directed a sharp glare towards him.
Rebuking himself, Yunho watched the five ladies nod their heads at the royal family before the king swept his eyes across the hall as he rose from his throne.

"Nineteen years ago, our kingdom suffered the brunt of an old alliance gone sour, plunging into a stasis that has nonetheless proven our perseverance. In this landmark moment of our history, I pray for our continued prosperity for today in the presence of our consuls, we will mark the culmination of our years of struggle.” The king announced as the crowd cheered resoundingly.

Raising a hand for silence, the king indicated for the fairies to proceed as they curtsied before conjuring slim, glowing wands from thin air. Watching rapturously as the ladies began to chant in a foreign language, a swell of light suddenly burst forth from the tips of their wands before blending into a bright orb that began to throb like a supernova.

Eyes tearing as he stubbornly struggled to keep them open in desperation to witness every second of the unfathomable magic, Yunho suddenly felt his body thrum with an energy that escalated to a rumble as it resonated with the land while a part of him seemed to shift and lift with the joy of a new beginning as Orion began to burst with life.

When the light faded, some of the peasants had removed their hats while others held onto one another as they wept tearfully. It all felt hazy and mildly disorienting, as if he had just woken up after a long slumber. Beyond the tall glass windows, the last vestiges of the enchanted snow was still falling, sparse and lazy. Yunho felt inexplicably sad as he watched the scene quietly, already missing the peculiar land with its temperate weathers.

Blending easily into the merriment, the prince ducked out of the hall as he thanked Junsu for his luggage. Heading for the stalls after a final goodbye to the boy, the prince turned to look at the palace for the last time as he walked backwards slowly, carefully inscribing the scene before him into to his mind. He wanted this to be the last memory of the kingdom that had been so kind to him; the snowy plains, the brimming joviality, the fiery prince in possession of an unyielding strength that had wound itself into his entire matter.

Looking up at the lightening sky as he blinked his tears away, Yunho thought about the things he had seen, and the things that he would do when he returned home. Smiling softly as he unlatched the door to the stall, he smiled at his faithful companion that had been waiting for him.

"Leaving so soon?" The other asked lightly as he clipped on his luggage wordlessly. Shrugging lightly, he brushed the other's mane back softly before swinging himself on.

"Full speed ahead, comrade," he murmured as the stallion threw its head back in reply.

- - - - -

The days rolled by, and it was soon the third day that the duo had spent in the wilderness. Yunho had despaired momentarily about his haggard appearance, but after beating the dust out of his clothes along the stream, the thought was dispelled quickly with little care. It wasn't something he was unable to cope with.

The duo had however exchanged little words as the prince nursed his inane thoughts throughout the journey. Finally coming to a stop for the night, the boy peeled the skin off a wild fruit with his dagger before proceeding to carve careless scales into the flesh as he waited for his companion to finish the other.

"You're an omnivore," he joked, throwing the seed aside before feeding the stallion the flesh of the fruit. "Would you like a bathe later?" Yunho offered as he continued to peel, only for the other to look squarely at him.

"Why don't we talk instead," The horse replied as his companion continued to labour before presenting a slice of flesh grimly.
"There's nothing much to say," Yunho shook the fruit, frowning when the other declined his offer.

"I'll set my fish into the water then," the prince stood with a sulk before heading further downstream. Looking at his ward’s forlorn back helplessly, Prometheus harrumphed when the melody Jaejoong had first played during the music festival filtered through the forest.

- - - - -

"What are you thinking, my son?" Prometheus asked nights later, a day away from their kingdom as the prince blinked against the starlight.

Shifting under his blanket slowly, the boy turned to regard his guardian. “About the separation of spaces in my heart,” the boy confessed meekly. “About the fate and chances,” he said idly with a sigh.

The stallion shook its head in disagreement. “Never worry about fate and chances because there will always be space for new experiences,” the stallion commented as the boy pulled the blanket higher. “I’ve been to many places and seen many things in my life, with days passing while people go. But the things I’ve found to stay constant are my heart and the place I call home,” he explained as Yunho continued to frown at his guardian with a moue of sadness.

"I'm glad you're here, Prometheus," the boy finally interjected softly with a smile after an extended silence while the stallion merely nodded with a flick of his tail.

Looking at the celestial canopy above, Yunho fell asleep to the thought of the fair maiden in his future as he ignored the pain in his chest.

- - - - -

The energy was infectious, a group of lads performing a dizzying dance onstage as the sun blazed during Cassiopeia’s inaugural music festival. Clapping resoundingly when the boys finished with their backs to the crowd, Yunho cheered loudly at the stellar performance.

Composing himself with a square of his shoulders when two of his guards moved to carry his harp onto the stage, the prince took a deep breath before ascending while the crowd quietened. Regarding the crowd with a genuine smile that came to him easily despite his nerves, he took a deep bow before settling onto the seat. Leaning the harp against his shoulder with a sigh, the prince segued into his performance after a deep breath.

The prince’s slim fingers moved skilfully after countless days of practice with Yoochun while the lyrics came easily to the boy despite faltering momentarily in sorrow as he sang about the anguish of losing an incomparable love to foolishness. Yunho forged on with the memory of a raven-haired prince performing the same melody under a weary sky as the other’s pale fingers danced with incomparable grace, an imprint that had all but settled under the dust of time.

Scaling an octave as he shook the images away, Yunho looked up immediately when a hollow piercing swell of a flute’s melody suddenly harmonized seamlessly with his song. Scanning the crowd without stumbling, Yunho’s fingers seized when he met the piercing gaze of a boy in the front row.
Recovering quickly, Yunho looked at the boy as his eyes warmed, his voice thick as he continued to sing to the other about his regret and the vast world that held none commensurable. When he finished, Yunho managed a quick bow with a weak smile before fleeing the stage, embarrassed at being caught in his want of Jaejoong after the misdeed he had committed, after the prince’s explicit warning to stay away from him. He was shameful, an amoral individual with no decency. Delegating Yoochun with the task of ensuring the return of his harp, Yunho rushed for Prometheus, swinging onto the stallion as he bade the beast to ride.

“Have you not been thinking of him daily, my prince?” The stallion asked instead as Yunho began to fret. The next performance had begun but Jaejoong was pushing his way through the unwilling crowd with his ride in search for him.

“Please,” Yunho begged as he continued to urge Prometheus to leave, a good mind to flee by foot if the stallion refused to cooperate. “I can’t, not now,” he implored mindlessly, swinging a foot off in defeat just as the beast harrumphed underneath him, its body shifting in a walk as it maneuvered carefully out of the marketplace.

“The prince would not travel two kingdoms had he no purpose,” the stallion commented in a canter as Yunho shook his head in denial, refusing to reason with his companion. His action had deserved no pardon.

“Maybe this too is fate,” the stallion mused aloud on the winding path to the castle, at the sound of galloping hooves behind them. “Hurry,” Yunho urged in desperation when he turned back to the sight of a furious prince on his heels.

“Are you going to deny his highness entrance to the palace?” The stallion asked without faltering as they continued to gain height while Yunho sputtered at the question without reply.

“Stand guard, you coward!” Jaejoong spat, advancing as his stallion covered the distance between them easily. “Close in on that fool, Eron!” Jaejoong yelled as he extracted his sword from his belt without unsheathing it.

Gaping at the flash of Jaejoong’s irate expression in the windswept moment, Yunho had barely managed a hasty apology when a blow connected with the side of his head. “Are you trying to kill me?” He yelled, nonetheless unprepared for Jaejoong’s pounce onto him.

“You’re out of your mind!” Yunho cried, grappling as they fell from their steeds.

“I would say the same for you!” Jaejoong retorted, blocking Yunho’s right hook as he landed a punch on the younger boy’s torso. “How dare you flee from me of all people!” He seethed, continuing to pound at the boy beneath him as Yunho roared in fury, rolling the boy over as he pinned his attacker down in a swift move.

Breathing heavily as he crouched over his friend, Yunho glared at the boy beneath him, appalled by the unflinching rage in the boy’s eyes. “Why do you think I did that?” He spat as the boy’s eyes only flashed in temper at his reply. “And I’m sor-” Yunho’s words were abruptly cut off by the rough, claiming lips against his, teeth clacking as his eyes widened in shock. The prince’s hands slipped free, winding themselves around his neck as his muffled surprise dissolved in their connection. This was more than he had ever asked for, Yunho thought sluggishly as he responded with his tongue, wet and desperate before freezing in shock at the realization of his actions.

“No,” he managed as he pushed the boy away reluctantly. “No,” he shook his head desperately as he rolled off. “I can’t take advantage of you once more,” he apologized as he looked at the ground, too ashamed to meet the other’s eyes.

“How are you taking advantage when I stand before you, having travelled two kingdoms to ask you to love me?” Jaejoong cried incredulously as he crawled on the dirt to lift Yunho’s chin sadly.

“But I don’t deserve your forgiveness,” Yunho said regretfully as he blinked away his tears, furious with himself as looked away from the depths of the soft, imploring eyes he had sorely missed.

Jaejoong sighed exasperatedly as he shook his hair out instead, careful to not kill the other in his frustration. “Tell me, Yunho. Are you telling me to leave despite having journeyed two kingdoms to undo the mistakes of your misplaced decency?”

Yunho sputtered, reaching to grab the other’s hand as if fearing that the boy would leave him once more. “I love you, please,” he begged as he squeezed the other’s hands. “I love you so much.” He confessed as his tears began to fall. “But a fool like me is undeserving of your love,” he said brokenly while his selfish hands continued to hold the other’s without releasing.

“Then I shall be a fool for loving you,” Jaejoong nullified the statement with an exasperated huff, wiping Yunho’s tears as the boy laughed incredulously before reaching out to tuck Jaejoong’s tousled hair backwards with a shaky hand.

“I have forgiven you after reading your letter,” Jaejoong confessed with a smile as Yunho blinked in shock at the information.

“How did you-” he sputtered in disbelief as he tried to remember where he had left the worthless apology.

“Junsu gave it to me after your departure,” the boy smiled as he pressed a light kiss against Yunho’s lips. “I was bereft and the letter made me realise what a fool I was,” he laughed as Yunho made an indignant noise in his defence.

“I love you, Yunho,” Jaejoong confessed with a light blush, ducking his head shyly when his companion merely chuckled fondly. “And I, you,” Yunho whispered, leaning in to press a chaste kiss against the prince’s lips, a promise of the forever to come.

- - - - -

"It's a long way from home, and I'm bushed," Eron complained to his companion as he flicked his tail in frustration.

"Well it's not too far from mine. I could show you around," the other offered distractedly, his eyes never leaving the couple as he watched his prince pushing the other into the dirt.

The black stallion harrumphed in disproval at the progress. "The prince looks unbecoming in the dirt," he complained as his companion turned to look at him with an easy laugh.

“Yunho does have that effect on people,” he commented lightly as he lifted his face to the warm breeze sweeping across the land. “But I anticipate a lifetime of happiness ahead for them,” he said as the couple giggled shyly in the distance.

-- - - -

A/N: FINALLY, BLESS THE WORLD. I practically rewrote the whole thing, it's been such a crazy journey in retrospect, I got A+ for my screenwriting class, stillawake ditched me in my subby!Yunho-ao3-worthy-smut endeavour after egging me on furiously, this is my favorite TVXQ mv with fast cars, great hair, swanky locations.

For lindabelinda99, remember, work first, I love you, yuck. For dreamer_kklg, hyunnyb, kattan69 for playing with me, I'm the worst.

Mistakes mine, comment if- bc dammit,
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